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Online Business Telephone Directory E.A (U) Ltd (OBtD) is a dully incorporated company in 2012 accessible by browsing www.onlineteledirectory.com Or downloading the OBtD App (com.obtd) free from the play store.
OBtD is a modern and most cost effective way of advertising, offering a platform to Companies for tapping into the Online Market that has Millions of Customers and Potential Customers comprising of mainly A-Class, B-Class, and C-class Elite and mostly active youths who research has indicated cannot imagine life without Internet supported Online Apps such as social media links.
According to the latest Price Water House Coopers about Internet usage report in East Africa,Uganda in particular titled Internet Media 2016-2020,It’s predicted that the Elite and youths between 18years -35years are the primary drivers of Internet based online applications predominantly through the use of smartphones,Tablets and Desktop PCs.

It is no doubt that this particular group forms not only the biggest number of the most sought after consumers for products/services on the market but also fall in the career building and knowledge seeking category.
The Online Business Telephone Directory E.A.(U)Ltd-OBTD is an equal opportunities technology company with placements in the Sales & Marketing Department;

Job Title: Digital Sales & Marketing Executive.

Duties & Responsibilities;
Prospecting,identifying and qualifying potential advertisers,
Selling OBtD company online products and or services including after sales service,
Submission of regular sales and Marketing including revenue collection reports as required,
Other products promotional activities assigned as needed.

Job Qualifications/Requirements:
Those Candidtes who are experienced in Web Design and Development.
I.T graduates are essentially encouraged to apply,
Other professional candidates with no marketing qualifications but do possess social media knowledge and have acquired digital including other related sales working experience over time.
Possession of a smartphone,Tablet or Laptop is of an added advantage.

Note. Please browse or download the OBtD App, study and understand the OBTD products before you submit your application online via mail using info@onlineteledirectory.com and also copy to ewanyakalaz@yahoo.com before 5pm on June 16th 2017.

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